An italian tour

Italy personifies beauty in art, nature and great tasting food – there are so many ways to visit it; we have chosen to bring it to you through its flavours.

With Collitali, our mission is to bring the taste of Italian tradition to your tables through a selection of herbs, spices and mixes: a true journey in taste.

We travelled, we set out to discover the flavours of the Italian tradition and from there we started our search for the best herbs and spices to make genuine Italian recipes for you, the really authentic ones.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils evokes Tuscan olive groves and our PGI Modena Vinegars encapsulate the sweet grape must aromas that have evolved into vinegar to be preserved in Emilia’s vinegar cellars.

Our honeys and jams come from 100% Italian beehives and orchards.

A selection of recipes and specialities to bring the flavours of our land and our homes to tables all over the world.

The Italian aperitif

A sunset, two glasses of a good red wine and a selection of preserves and condiments to accompany tasty Italian cheeses and cold cuts. This is the Italy we want to tell you about.